ONLY 4 Payments of
$29.95 + S&H
$134.70 Pre-Tax Total, Includes S&H
• SteamFX Pro • Mop Pad • Long Nozzle 
• Extreme Clean Nozzle • Round Brush
• Window Cleaner + Garment Tool • Garment Cloth • Window Cleaner Cloth  
• Extension Poles
Redesigned From The Ground Up!
All New H2O Steam FX Pro! - More Effective, Efficient, Versatile and Affordable Than Ever!
Unlike bulky mops & buckets filled with water, the SteamFX PRO is super lightweight!
Gives You 5 in 1 Cleaning!
Clean, Deodorize, & Help Sanitize Without Harmful Chemicals!
Floor Cleaner
• Converts in seconds to a powerful floor cleaner
• Sanitize and polish hardwood, tile, and linoleum
• Clean and deodorize carpets
• Great for helping to clean pet accidents

Hard Surface Cleaner
• Clean glass, mirrors and polish stainless to a streak free shine
• Tackle hard water and soap scum in the bathroom
• Melt away grease and grime in the kitchen

Spot Cleaner
• Perfect for accidental spills and quick clean up all over the house
• Clean, deodorize and help sanitize in one step
Garment & Drape Steamer
Remove wrinkles from clothes, fabrics, curtains and more

See the "Clean Coming 
From the Steam"
Upholstery & Fabric Steamer
• Deodorize furniture and upholstery in the house and car
• Refresh your mattress and bedding, helps to eliminate bedbugs
What’s better than one SteamFX Pro? Two SteamFX Pros!

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SteamFX Pro FREE! 
Hear Why Happy Customers LOVE
"Given that it only uses water, it is definitely very eco-friendly. I like that I don't have to keep going back to try and find a chemical product to work with it.”
- Brandi
“It was no effort. It weighs just a couple of pounds. I can do it with one hand. It took virtually no effort whatsoever. It’s powerful, it’s lightweight, it’s effortless. I love this thing!” - Kristina
“I really love that it was easy to use. It was light. I could easily pick it up with one hand. The steam smell is very fresh. It saves so much time and effort and money. Love. 100% love!”
- Shannon

No Chemicals - Just the Power of Steam!
SteamFX Pro - The Perfect Way to Steam Clean All Your Floors!
Your “Go Anywhere” Whole House Cleaning Solution!
• SteamFX Pro 
• Mop Pad
• Long Nozzle
• Extreme Clean Nozzle
• Round Brush
• Window Cleaner + Garment Tool
• Garment Cloth
• Window Cleaner Cloth
• Extension Poles
ONLY 4 Payments of
$29.95 + S&H
Pre-Tax Total Includes S&H

30 Day Money Back Guarantee